photoToday, our robotics class focused on planning out our goals for the week, both individual and group.  Our main team goals for the week included: Budgeting, Roles and Responsibilities, Robot Design sketches, and  programming introduction. Our roles and responsibilities meeting was about who would be in charge of what aspect of the game, as well as who would be in charge of making sure that each team member knew every aspect of the rules of “Ring It Up.” This was a major part of class today, because each person knowing his responsibility to the team should be known before any further work is completed in order to avoid confusion. So far, we have got off to a slow start, but as the FTC season goes on we will grow a sense of commitment to the challenge, and from there things will be an easy flow from them.

Jared Browning
9.18.12 Joshua Shepard 2.14.13


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