List of Needed Parts

IMG_1237Machine Screws

Hex Nuts



Today during class , we  dicussed future plans about building the robot, programming setup with Labview to tell the difference between the 180° and 360° servo motors, building setup, discussion about the grant that we should get soon.

Timothy Gardiner Jared Browning
10.18.2012 2.14.2013


Todays class was focused towards trying to add additions to the robots features now that the base was finished. We decided perviously that scoring rings on the pegs would be a secondary objective, so we started to build an arm for the robot. We came across a problem when building the arm, realizing that the piece that we were going to use might be too heavy for our servo controller to fix. We spent the rest of the class brainstorming other ideas for arms, and whether or not we would use an arm, or use a part of the lifting mechanism in order to score pegs.

Jared Browning
10/18/2012 Timothy Gardiner 2.14.2013


Today,In Robotics, our veterans group (team Bros) came together to strategies how we’re going to lift the other robot a least a inch of the floor so we can get more points. And we’re discussing how we’re going to build the primary robot to get the pegs onto the rackets. Also to make research to see how other people use their robots and how they build, and see if its helpful to the team.

-Shalil Fields
10.10.2012 Da’Jon Walker 2.14.2013


The Veteran Robotics Team worked on building the wheels for the team’s robot. Timothy Gardiner and Jared Browning are doing an extraordinary job at building the wheels. While doing this other members of the team researched and familiarized themselves with RobotC programming.

-Shyfeak Napper
10.4.2013 Aaron Robinson 2.14.2013