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Timothy Gardiner 2,7,2013 Jared Browning 2/14/2013


Autobiography(Timothy Gardiner)

My name is Timothy Gardiner. I am a senior at Boy’s Latin Charter School. My engineering interests are that I want to study under the computer engineering field as a hardware specialist or study computer information systems. Robotics is important to me because I feel as though robotics can be a catalyst for me to understand more about computer engineering. In my 3 years previous at Boy’s Latin, I have achieved awards, such as the highest honor award, the second highest honor awards and as a participant of the NSBE (National Society Of Black Engineers) team in 2012, I was awarded for that as well. My role on the robotics team is a programmer. I wanted to program because I felt as though it called to me in a sense, being that I aspire to become a computer software or hardware engineer. The team name is B.R.O (Boy’s Latin Robotics Organization). My favorite experience from robotics is when our team would sit down and brainstorm ideas for the competition goal.