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Timothy Gardiner 2,7,2013 Jared Browning 2/14/2013



Today during class , we  dicussed future plans about building the robot, programming setup with Labview to tell the difference between the 180° and 360° servo motors, building setup, discussion about the grant that we should get soon.

Timothy Gardiner Jared Browning
10.18.2012 2.14.2013


The Veteran Robotics Team worked on building the wheels for the team’s robot. Timothy Gardiner and Jared Browning are doing an extraordinary job at building the wheels. While doing this other members of the team researched and familiarized themselves with RobotC programming.

-Shyfeak Napper
10.4.2013 Aaron Robinson 2.14.2013


Today, our veteran robotics team were still deciding the different positions that each team member should focus on. Our rookie team focused on learning about the NXT with a hands on demonstration were they took apart Lego Mindstorms kits from the previous year. We also discussed budgeting and programming software options with the coach of the robotics team. Lastly we discussed what our main focus was for the “RIng It Up” challenge, whether it was to have our robot be lifting or lifted by other robots.

Timothy Gardiner

Timothy Gardiner 9.20.12 Aaron Robinson 2.14.13