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"Ring it up" Engineering Notebook Team Journal Entrees

Autobiography(Timothy Gardiner)

My name is Timothy Gardiner. I am a senior at Boy’s Latin Charter School. My engineering interests are that I want to study under the computer engineering field as a hardware specialist or study computer information systems. Robotics is important to me because I feel as though robotics can be a catalyst for me to understand more about computer engineering. In my 3 years previous at Boy’s Latin, I have achieved awards, such as the highest honor award, the second highest honor awards and as a participant of the NSBE (National Society Of Black Engineers) team in 2012, I was awarded for that as well. My role on the robotics team is a programmer. I wanted to program because I felt as though it called to me in a sense, being that I aspire to become a computer software or hardware engineer. The team name is B.R.O (Boy’s Latin Robotics Organization). My favorite experience from robotics is when our team would sit down and brainstorm ideas for the competition goal.



Todays class was focused towards trying to add additions to the robots features now that the base was finished. We decided perviously that scoring rings on the pegs would be a secondary objective, so we started to build an arm for the robot. We came across a problem when building the arm, realizing that the piece that we were going to use might be too heavy for our servo controller to fix. We spent the rest of the class brainstorming other ideas for arms, and whether or not we would use an arm, or use a part of the lifting mechanism in order to score pegs.

Jared Browning
10/18/2012 Timothy Gardiner 2.14.2013


Today, our main focus was towards fundraising, and community outreach. We feel as though these two things are very essential to spreading the info of the First Tech Challege, and we would like to get more students in the area interested in robotics, and spreading the theme of Gracious Professionalism. We are currently brainstorming several ideas on how to make money to fund our team, as well as get more people in the area active with our robotics team. Currently, we have decided that we will sponsor a model rocket event. The robotics team has joined with the schools science department in order to sponsor this event.

Jared Browning 9.26.12 Damon Mallory 2.14.13


photoToday, our robotics class focused on planning out our goals for the week, both individual and group.  Our main team goals for the week included: Budgeting, Roles and Responsibilities, Robot Design sketches, and  programming introduction. Our roles and responsibilities meeting was about who would be in charge of what aspect of the game, as well as who would be in charge of making sure that each team member knew every aspect of the rules of “Ring It Up.” This was a major part of class today, because each person knowing his responsibility to the team should be known before any further work is completed in order to avoid confusion. So far, we have got off to a slow start, but as the FTC season goes on we will grow a sense of commitment to the challenge, and from there things will be an easy flow from them.

Jared Browning
9.18.12 Joshua Shepard 2.14.13