Today,In Robotics, our veterans group (team Bros) came together to strategies how we’re going to lift the other robot a least a inch of the floor so we can get more points. And we’re discussing how we’re going to build the primary robot to get the pegs onto the rackets. Also to make research to see how other people use their robots and how they build, and see if its helpful to the team.

-Shalil Fields
10.10.2012 Da’Jon Walker 2.14.2013



Today in the life of robotics, we’re planning about what tactics should we choose, and planning how were going to build the robot, and different strategies that can be used in order to score the most points efficiently. We also discussed different ideas on how we would build a robot to lift another at the end game of the match, and the different lifting techniques that we could try to put inside our robot build. We decided to base our robot upon lifting the others team robots, and scoring the Autonomous IR beacon as a secondary objective

-Shalil Fields 9.25.12 Joshua Shepard 2.14.13