9/29/12 FTC Kick Off At West Philadelphia High School

On the day of Steptember 29,2012 some of our members of the team went to the FTC Kick Off which was held at West Philadelphia High School. The first part of the event was the introducing the ways to go though out the FTC website. Then also they talked about the new meets happening around    the dates of matches that it takes to rank up to the qualifying matches. Then after the  that announcement another person comes and talks about the awards that are being giving out at the end and the ways to obtain these awards. Next every one went to see the game and check out the field… the team and i left afterwords and went back to the school and started to  start building our base of our robot, which we finished and only have to cont. building up from now

-Da’Jon Walker , 9/29/12 Jared Browning 2.14.13



Today, our main focus was towards fundraising, and community outreach. We feel as though these two things are very essential to spreading the info of the First Tech Challege, and we would like to get more students in the area interested in robotics, and spreading the theme of Gracious Professionalism. We are currently brainstorming several ideas on how to make money to fund our team, as well as get more people in the area active with our robotics team. Currently, we have decided that we will sponsor a model rocket event. The robotics team has joined with the schools science department in order to sponsor this event.

Jared Browning 9.26.12 Damon Mallory 2.14.13


Today in the life of robotics, we’re planning about what tactics should we choose, and planning how were going to build the robot, and different strategies that can be used in order to score the most points efficiently. We also discussed different ideas on how we would build a robot to lift another at the end game of the match, and the different lifting techniques that we could try to put inside our robot build. We decided to base our robot upon lifting the others team robots, and scoring the Autonomous IR beacon as a secondary objective

-Shalil Fields 9.25.12 Joshua Shepard 2.14.13


Today, our veteran robotics team were still deciding the different positions that each team member should focus on. Our rookie team focused on learning about the NXT with a hands on demonstration were they took apart Lego Mindstorms kits from the previous year. We also discussed budgeting and programming software options with the coach of the robotics team. Lastly we discussed what our main focus was for the “RIng It Up” challenge, whether it was to have our robot be lifting or lifted by other robots.

Timothy Gardiner

Timothy Gardiner 9.20.12 Aaron Robinson 2.14.13


photoToday, our robotics class focused on planning out our goals for the week, both individual and group.  Our main team goals for the week included: Budgeting, Roles and Responsibilities, Robot Design sketches, and  programming introduction. Our roles and responsibilities meeting was about who would be in charge of what aspect of the game, as well as who would be in charge of making sure that each team member knew every aspect of the rules of “Ring It Up.” This was a major part of class today, because each person knowing his responsibility to the team should be known before any further work is completed in order to avoid confusion. So far, we have got off to a slow start, but as the FTC season goes on we will grow a sense of commitment to the challenge, and from there things will be an easy flow from them.

Jared Browning
9.18.12 Joshua Shepard 2.14.13